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Brand Protection is Reassuringly Simple with the UWI Label

Guest Blog: Pete Higgins, UWI Technology

· Entrepreneur,UWI Technology,EIE Hong Kong

UWI Technology is delighted to be selected as one of the twelve innovative Scottish companies coming on the Engage Invest Exploit (EIE) trip to Hong Kong and Shenzhen in October 2016.

The UWI Label is an elapsed time indicator. It is activated automatically and once started, it cannot be stopped. This means, not only is it tamper-proof, but also aids the authenticity of your product and perceived value of your brand.

Chinese brand owners are especially concerned about fake goods or tampered products where the contents have been replaced. Jack Ma (CEO of Alibaba) agrees “every fake product we sell, we are losing five customers”.

And of course, brand owners want customer to experience products at their best, to maintain and enhance brand reputation. However, in today’s fast moving world, humans are prone to forget or fail to observe when a product is unfit or unsafe for use. 

Pete Higgins, Founder and CEO of UWI Technology explains:  “The UWI Label utilises the universally understood colours of green for good and red for bad, so anyone can understand it in an instant. No longer need your business worry about the unsafe use of your products. Better still, your customer will know exactly when it is optimum to use your product, ensuring they experience your brand at its very best”. 

He goes on, “It is exceptionally flexible so it can be calibrated to your specific requirements. Whether tuned to minutes or hours, days, weeks or even months, the UWI Label will fit seamlessly into your existing brand and packaging, giving you and your customers the reassurance you desire”.

He finishes by saying, “I am very excited to be coming on the EIE delegation and delighted that we have been selected to showcase the UWI Label and how our technology can add value to the Chinese Market.”

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