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Scottish Technology in HK

Written by: Bruce Walker, Parter - FutureX

EIE Hong Kong

In today's world business is global and technology can easily transcend boarders, yet nothing matches human face-to-face interactions. On 18th October 2016, twelve of Scotland's most exciting technology businesses will travel nearly 6,000 miles to present their companies in Hong Kong.

EIE Hong Kong is the international expansion of 'Engage, Invest, Exploit' one of the UK's most recognised investor conferences held in Edinburgh and London every year. EIE HK is an opportunity for local investors, entrepreneurs and organisations to gain insight into investment opportunities from a hand full of Scotland's leading technology businesses.

Why should you attend?

Following a rigorous selection process, the partners behind EIE HK have selected the very best Scottish companies to travel with us to Hong Kong. The tech entrepreneurs have gone through a series of preparation sessions, committed and proven that they have businesses with international potential and are actively seeking investment and partners in Hong Kong.

This is an opportunity to gain insight into Scotland's thriving technology eco-system, watching 12 companies pitch their business and network with investors, entrepreneurs and key partners within the Hong Kong business world.

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The companies

There are a range of companies pitching at EIE HK, from Energy, Agriculture, Languages, Retail, Medical and Consumer technology - to read more about the companies click here.

For a glimpse into what to expect:

Callum Stuart -


Chief Operations Officer

Robert Boyce -

Ice Robotics

Managing Director

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